Join our Support & Saunter group here 

We have created a Facebook group for women, an & Saunter community. Somewhere where you can feel safe, somewhere to talk to like-minded women, fitness professionals, nutritionists, yoga teachers, writers, all round health coaches, travel lovers, business-women and women who love to talk about travel. All happy to mentor and support each other.

Often social media is sometimes a difficult place of filtered images often misleading judgements and happiness. We love it in small doses, and really love the curated images, but notice the importance of having a communication group that is based purely on conversation and getting to know one and other. Talking about real topics, things we enjoy and sometimes the bad stuff. We all have bad days, and it's good to help lift each other. Hopefully, this group can show some clarity behind the gram. The aim is to lift each other, help each other grow and leave you feeling happier.  We look forward to welcoming you.