& Saunter Core Values

  • Supporting and celebrating women
  • Travel
  • Body Confidence
  • Community
  • Responsibility
Why we are pursuing "Slow Fashion" status

In short, slow fashion is about consuming and creating fashion, consciously and with integrity. It connects social and environmental awareness and responsibility with the pleasure of wearing beautiful, well-made, and lasting clothing.

Here at & Saunter, we focus on exactly that. We ask ourselves questions, how can we be better? How can we do our part in one of the leading industries which carry the biggest carbon footprint?

We choose the highest quality of Italian Lycra to ensure it lasts and helps you feel comfortable. 

Handmade swimwear - Made in the UK

Our sketchbooks are forever hidden in our handbags, we are never without planners nor pencils. Our inspiration can strike from anywhere trips, nature, art. 

Our designs are sketched by hand. We create mood boards where we draw our inspiration from. Our boards are filled with photograph trinkets from our trips, which is where we get all of our design inspiration from. We use watercolour paints, acrylic paints on canvas, wax, pencil and fine-line sketches, you name it. Once we are happy with our creations, we import them into a design software. We then create and manipulate tones into a repeat print, which is then digitally printed on luxurious, Italian sourced Lycra. 

Once our Lycra has been designed, we create samples here at & Saunter HQ. We hand cut our pattern pieces. Our seamstress creates our samples and we ensure our fit is comfortable and flattering.

Once we are happy with our fits, we send our designs to be created to a British, family-run manufacturer. Our designs are made in small batches to ensure we have no waste. We like to support the movement of slow fashion, we don't aim to be disposable and be thrown away after a holiday. We aim to be kinder to our planet. Creating swimwear that lasts, for you to wear summer after summer. An endless love affair with & Saunter.

Digital Printing with Quality Lycra fabrics 

Digital printing on our Italian sourced fabric saves water and more importantly doesn't run toxic dye into local villages drinking water. Digital printing allows for our designs to be vibrant and detailed, without using gallons upon gallons of water. It is the most sustainable printing method for our hand illustrated designs.

& Saunter packaging

Every & Saunter piece is sent in a cotton reusable bag because we don't use plastic in our production runs. We want to create a conscious environment, we are proud of. We even asked our swimwear not to be sent in plastic after manufacturing, only in cardboard boxes.

Our mailing bags are from The better packaging,  which are made from corn starch, with a binding agent/resin added for flexibility. We couldn't be happier to use compostable bags. 

So when you’ve finished your bag, just put it in with your food scraps and garden waste, and before you know it, it will be nourishing the ground. Better for the environment, better for our oceans, a better tomorrow.

All of our postcards are also recyclable. 



When you purchase & Saunter, you know you are buying into quality, luxurious swimwear with the intent of caring for the earth.