Emerged in 2019, & Saunter is inspired by romantic femininity. It's the feeling of sand slipping through your toes embroiled with adventure and curiosity. We strive to leave all women feeling confident and empowered in our swimwear, which is all handmade using premium, luxurious Italian fabrics. All the inspiration from our collections is taken from an unpredictable foreign location, locations we often daydream about. The prints for our pieces come from a wild blend of tiles, exotic flowers, washes, cracked buildings and everything from that ilk. The shape of our collections comes from the natural female body, which leaves you looking a vision in quality fitting garments. The mix and match edits are designed to radiate positivity and are bespoke to your aesthetic. 
& Saunter believes in strong women. We believe in equality, ambition, confidence and self-love and respect. Our collection and community our core values and we always put our customers at the forefront of everything we do. 
(We don't use plastic in our production. All orders arrive in a re-usable cotton bag, wrapped in compostable packaging).
Meet the Maker - Interview with Founder Gemma Cheyne
1. I started my brand when...
I launched & Saunter in 2018 but I have actually been working on it for the last ten years. Owning a swimwear brand was what drove me through education. I was educated at De Montfort University, where I studied Contour Fashion BA Hons, which is a mixture of lingerie, swimwear and Activewear. I have worked from the ground up, learning every aspect of customer service from retail, technical aspects in CAD roles and internships in swimwear brands, which helped me evolve my brand into something I'm really proud of. I feel the past ten years have been a learning curve in understanding what the customer wants, the difficult technical aspects and business problems. All of that curve has helped me identify a brand that women can relate to and feel confident in. I have never been an overnight success, but I have worked really hard every single day to end up at the point where I am now.
2. Why swimwear?
All my life, my dad has been an airline pilot. His job entails chasing the sun. I had a globe by my bedside and often he would point out where he was going. I was so aware of the world and all the hidden gems it had to offer. It meant we were well travelled and even lived in Indonesia and New Zealand for a period of time. I could never find any swimwear I liked, it was often so drab, ill-fitted, and I didn't feel confident in anything I wore. I always knew I wanted a swimwear brand, there was never another option for me. I wanted to create wonderful pieces for women all over, and plus I have a gypsy soul, I love travelling.
3. I believe that all women should be...
Accepting of their true selves, always aspiring to be the best versions of themselves, regardless of how big their dreams are and how many small minds try to belittle them. 
4. Ultimate female inspiration...
Lipa. It's the most incredible time to be a woman! More than ever, women are setting goals and achieving them. We are becoming stronger by the year and Dua Lipa represents a strong woman that empowers young women all over the world. 
Morgan Harper Nichols. She creates beautiful words and art which, I find incredibly relatable. I often struggle to find the words to say and sometimes she reads my mind!
Bianca Sparacino aka Rainbow Salt. She lifts me when I'm having a bad day. She is the definition of perseverance that inspires me daily.
5. I feel most confident when...
I'm not worrying about other peoples opinions, I'm wearing my lipstick (Charlotte Tilbury- Walk of shame) and my all black, power dressing uniform. 
6. My biggest career lesson...
No matter how many turbulent times come into your path, you have to ride it out, see it through and don't digress on the things you can't control, just work on moving forward. You will always come into difficult times, but it's how you react to it that matters most. 
7. Describe your perfect date...
An adventure date! Anything that is relaxed, fun, breaking boundaries and a coffee included would definitely score extra points.
8. Tips to stay positive...
Coffee! That always makes me super happy. Write a list of goals, but put them into manageable timelines. By focusing on little things each day, you that after a week you are one step closer to your desired outcome. I would also always recommend having an hour to yourself each day. I often find myself heading to the gym most days, where I reset my focus and let off some steam.
Where would you like to travel next? BALI (one way though if possible)
Bikini or one piece? Bardot bikini & Highwaist knicker. Always.
Go to Spotify playlist? My & Saunter playlist 
Instagram account? Rainbowsalt
Worst habit? Not believing in myself.
Three people, you'd have at a dinner party? Jada Smith, Joe Rogan, Ryan Reynolds
Biggest beauty secret? Fake tan drops mixed with Egyptian magic cream
Summer or Winter? Summer. Always.
Heels or flats? Flats, so I can run around.
Biggest man crush? Ryan Reynolds. Absolutely, he's hilarious.