Swimwear that doesn't 'cost' the earth.

Ethically made-to-order | Responsible | Sustainable⁣
Emerged in 2019, Salt and Saunter is inspired by romantic femininity. It's the feeling of sand slipping through your toes embroiled with adventure and curiosity. We strive to leave all women feeling confident and empowered in our swimwear, which is all handmade using sustainable premium, luxurious Italian fabrics, made from plastic we've taken from the ocean. All the inspiration from our collections is taken from an unpredictable foreign location, locations we often daydream about. The prints for our pieces come from a wild blend of tiles, exotic flowers, washes, cracked buildings and everything from that ilk. The shape of our collections comes from the natural female body, which leaves you looking a vision in quality fitting garments. The mix and match edits are designed to radiate positivity and are bespoke to your aesthetic. ⁣

Salt and Saunter believes in strong women. We believe in equality, ambition, confidence and self-love and respect for ourselves and the planet. Our collection and community our core values and we always put our customers and the planet at the forefront of everything we do. ⁣

(We don't use plastic in our production. All orders arrive in a re-usable cotton bag, wrapped in compostable packaging).

Ethically made - Earth first manufacturing

'Swimwear that doesn't cost the earth.'

At Salt and Saunter, our constant pursuit to bring fashionable and high end swimwear to wanderlust dreamers everywhere differentiates us from the rest, but it takes more than that to separate ourselves from the herd. Looking good is not our only prerogative. Feeling good - Now, that’s the true heartbeat of our company.

Did you know that only 2% of the apparel sold in the United States is actually made on her own soil? 

KaiKini strives to preserve this dying industry through many avenues. We purchase all of our fabrics and thread from U.S. manufacturers and sell directly to our customers and wholesalers. Each American-made swimsuit is quite literally hand cut and hand made right here on Kauai, U.S.A. and manufactured with love and passion in small batches by Kauai’s very own women.  These Wahines form our KaiKini family, earning competitive wages working in a sweatshop-free and eco-friendly environment. Yep, that’s right, we’re ‘Green’ too!


Here at KaiKini, we believe everyone can play a role in preserving this gorgeous home we call Earth. We promise not to shy away from best practices just to save a buck. At our facility, we conserve energy working by the natural light of Kauai’s sun and keep cool by the kisses of her ocean breeze. We resort to utilizing our Energy Star A/C and eco-lights only when absolutely necessary. All the paper we use in the office and for packing slips is 100% post consumer recycled and made from recycled food & beverage containers. Even our packaging for shipments is reusable, biodegradable and constructed of recycled material!  When you buy swimwear online from Kaikini, you can rest easy knowing that you are shunning fast-fashion sweatshops and instead supporting local seamstresses working in an eco-friendly and safe work environment.

So go ahead and delight in a dose of “good vibes.” Treat yourself to a KaiKini custom-made bikini to not only feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, but the warmth of Aloha deep in your heart. We thank you for taking a small step toward the preservation of products “Made in the USA” and more importantly the natural beauty of this majestic Earth.