CUSTOMER REVIEW - Hazel @h.a.z.e.l.w

"Where to even start? 

The quality of this bikini is out of this world. You feel so incredible from the moment you put this on.
The top: I have the Leopard Bardot top and this can actually be customised in a number of ways with the additional string, which means that you feel you are wearing a new bikini with each customisation. Also, INSTANT BREAST LIFT. The girls were looking fantastic if I do say so myself! 
The bottoms: I have the string bottoms which fit like an absolute glove. Again, you feel very secure in these and the material is nice, thick and lined.
These bikinis have obviously been made with so much love, care and attention to the female form. All female forms. 
This bikini will last me years to come. The only regret I have from this purchase; that I didn’t buy MORE! "
leopard bikini | & Saunter
"I knew I loved this bikini as soon as it arrived in the post! The quality of the fabric is second to none, with two layers it makes you feel very secure.
 I love to support small businesses and I know how hard Gemma works on this beautiful brand and knowing that this was hand made shows how talented Gemma is.
I first wore this on holiday in Jamaica and I really did feel incredible, I had quite a few compliments and people asking where I had bought it! I would definitely purchase another!"

“As an avid collector of bikinis and swimsuits, I feel like I have tried them all.  My & Saunter Positano Bardot bikini and leopard one-piece are not only of the best quality in my collection but are also the 2 swimsuits that I feel most confident in. The Bardot bikini is not only sexy and absolutely adorable on the beach, but the top doubles as a super cute and fashionable crop top in town.  It’s also supportive enough for activities, even deep sea fishing! J I wear my leopard once piece at the beach during the day and then pull on a high waisted maxi skirt to take my look from beach to cocktails with never having to stop at home or change clothes. Without a doubt the attention to quality and detail of & Saunter suits positions them above and beyond the rest!”


Thank you for making such amazing swimwear that not only is absolutely beautiful but fits the body (even with a little softness) so wonderfully!"




I have been a follow of &saunter (salt&saunter before) and Gemma for years, and I've always loved the aesthetic of the designs. After seeing the size 4 come out and following some of the inclusive Instagram posts, I decided to make the jump and order my first &saunter bikini.
 Opening the package I was excited when the fabric looked even better in real life - the 'Floral' pattern pops with shades of green on the white fabric and the details of pomegranates and flowers in corals and pinks are cute as button. I never doubted that the fabric would look amazing, but the fit is equally superb. I ordered the size 4 of both top and bottom, being the curvy size 10 top and size 12-14 bottom that I am, and both fit like the were made for me - not too loose but also not too tight (no digging into my back fat HURRAY!). 
But the best thing about this bikini isn't fabulous fabric or the great sizing; the best thing is the design and cut. It's both modern and classic - the Bardot top makes you channel Brigitte herself and her beach slaying vibes, and the high waist bottoms are just cheeky enough to be sassy without leaving their timeless quality behind. It's clear that intelligent thought and years of study have gone into these designs, and I have yet to see them look bad on anyone. They are sexy and flattering, cute and comfy. They are empowering to me, someone who hasn't felt comfortable in a bikini in a while.
I've already ordered another bikini as has my mom who saw mine, tried it on, and was as convinced of the superior design of &saunter. I will sing &saunter's praises far and wide, because it's well deserved and because supporting small brands is a way to get better quality and help steer us away from fast fashion. 
- xo, Caroline