Why your favourite SPF is ruining our Coral Reefs & how you can help.

It's something that we all should be using. We all know the dangers of the UV rays but have we ever thought of the damage our sunscreens are doing to the ocean and our reefs? Those chemicals can't be good, right? Right.

Let's think about it, the sun is blazing, you're on the beach and you need an extra layer of sunscreen, you ask your friend to put on a layer on your back, but then we read the bottle and they all say. Re-apply after swimming.

I used to live in Sydney, and I honestly could not comprehend how everyone could stay on the beach all day. I needed an umbrella and to be submerged in the ocean for at least an hour or two. (Skin Cancer kills more than sharks do, FYI, and looks like we are killing way more marine life) So I took my chances. It was SO hot. I love nothing more than an ocean swim.

I am the kind of woman who lathers up in SPF 50 & spray tans before my holiday and takes a bottle of Tanning moose with me. Why do you ask? Because I can't justify the damage to my skin for a few hours Sun-kind-of- kissed look. ( & I am a British/Scottish bred woman with more chance of flying to the moon than getting that of a "Maldives" glow, ahem... naturally).

We all know by know the dangers of the sun, but it's only until recently I have become aware of the damage we are causing to our already greatly in danger Coral Reefs. 

According to a study by marinesafe.org, the biggest cause of pollution to our ocean is our trusty defence from the sun. The chemicals in the creams are causing controversy amongst our marine life, causing damage we can no-longer reverse.

'85% of the Caribbean coral reefs died before 2000". Dr. Craig A. Downs, PhD. It must be global warming? Wrong, it was down to pollution from products such as SPF. This is a problem we have been unaware of for years before we had a choice of alternatives that can put a stop to any more damage. 

Ever year, 14 TONNES of sunscreen enter our oceans EACH year and what's even scarier is most of these products contain the chemicals that are causing so many problems for our marine life.

So, what are the main chemicals that causing such catastrophic damage?

    1. Oxybenzone
    2. Octinoxate

Scientists explain in this video below. 

This video is quite frankly a kick up the bum we all need, to help us save our oceans. Plastic isn't the only thing that is a severe problem. We need to make changes now.

Bleaching is killing our coral and we are struggling to help restore it. For over 30 years, the coral reef has been diminishing, around the time Oxybenzone products were introduced.

What is bleaching?

"Corals bleach when stressors like unusually hot water short-circuit the symbiotic algae inside corals’ tissues, rendering them toxic. Corals then expel these colourful algae from their flesh, revealing the corals’ white skeletons. This short-term bid for survival poses grave risks. In exchange for corals’ protection, the algae help feed the corals. Without them, corals can starve to death—and often do." - National Geographic. Study here

Hawaii is currently trying to ban all SPF that include oxybenzone & Octinoxate.

How do we help?

  • Stop using aerosol sunscreens
  • Look for Oxybenzone in your sunscreens? Is it there? Don't use.
  • Check your hair products, your moisturisers, your foundations for the chemicals.
  • Spread the message and educate others on the risk of their sunscreens.
  • ignore marketing words such as ECO, Natural, Mineral, Organic. All words are used as a marketing tool to deem as better for you and the environment. But PLEASE do not be fooled and check the ingredients list only.

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Surprisingly, a lot of the bigger suncream companies we grab at the airport don't have a reef-friendly formula. I didn't even think when I was younger the impact of my sunscreen choices had such the reefs had such an impact on the coral reefs. 

Hopefully, this guide & Information makes it a little easier finding the choices that will help the ocean this summer. 

Gemma x ( Founder of & Saunter)


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