What you really should be focusing on in 2019.

I started writing this with the illusion that as we enter the new year, we should be focusing on happiness. I actually wrote about 4 paragraphs on why and decided I needed a mental break. After having an educational brain wave in the shower (that’s my light bulb moment space), I realised that everybody’s idea of happiness is so different that it would be wrong to write about it. Just a disclaimer that I absolutely would never discourage anybody from focusing on happiness, because there’s no greater gift in life. However, I realised that instead of focusing on happiness, we should be focusing on our energy. 


Today marks the first day of the new year and I guarantee you’ve made some New Years resolutions. If you haven’t, even better.. this read is still for you. I want you to take your resolutions and disregard them, you’ll understand why at the end. I think most of us forget that we are human beings. We’re not robots working round the clock. We have a set amount of energy per day, week, whenever. And that amount may look different for different people but that’s okay too. I need you to be strict with yourself and ask if you’re using your energy on the right things or the right people. It’s so easy to get stuck in a routine of doing the same thing and seeing the same people that all this amazing energy we have is wasted on something we do out of habit, rather than out of love and joy. 


Imagine this scenario; You’re halfway through your working day, in a job you're not particularly thrilled with. Everything and everyone is annoying you, even people’s breathing. Naturally, what’s the first thing we do? We stress. We over analyse, we use our bodies to become agitated and we sort of create this uber negative bubble which we find it really difficult to escape from. When in reality, we should be learning to let go of any anger towards “said subject” and focus on using that energy on something that makes us happy. Why waste it when it’s not infinite. 


This general rule applies to most things in your day to day life. I need you to start really looking at what you’re doing and ask yourself if it’s worth your energy. Could that energy be saved for something that’s going to make you happier? Energy prioritisation, you betcha. How amazing would it be if our New Years resolution was to treat ourselves a little bit better through our own energy? I’m not saying treat ourselves by buying a new Mulberry, more along the lines of actually being kind to ourselves. Save some of that energy and invest it in yourself, selflessly. Do things for you. And only you. Whatever makes you happy. For me, it’s this. Writing is my escape and I feel ten times the person I was before when I’ve invested an entire nights worth of energy into this. 


Part of focusing on your energy management is letting go of fear, failure and guilt. If you’re fearing something, you’re putting your energy into that action. Fear and failure are part of life. Let’s be real, you’re not always going to win. Sometimes life is shit, it throws us curveballs we didn’t see coming and we feel like we’ve failed. The worst thing we can do is let this prevent us from living happily and freely. No, instead what we need to do is get the fuck up and start again. But this time, put your energy into something that doesn’t make you feel like a failure. When you start doing this I guarantee all of those "new year, new me" resolutions will have already been accomplished without you even realising. And remember, this is your life. Never feel guilty for walking away from situations that your energy can’t manifest in. You will never grow as a person if you can’t learn to do this.


“Is this worth my energy?”, this phrase is your new best friend. Seriously, forget any resolutions you’ve made. Focus on what’s worth your while. Don’t sweat the small stuff, appreciate moments, have love in your home, create no illusions, make sure you become you a million times over, let go of negative energy and leave behind anything that doesn’t make you smile. You are the creator of each of your days, make sure you act like it. Start the year by writing a list of things you love. How many of these are slotted into your day to day lives? Probably not very many. Make it your mission to push your positive energy into these things, and I promise your life will change. 


“A highly effective way to increase time spent on a hobby is to let yourself spend time on a hobby to remind yourself how much joy it brings.” - Sara Knight.



Hols x 💌