“What’s meant to be will be.”

“Strength is not always thinking you will always be able to prevent everything from falling apart. It is understanding you have the power to rebuild if it does, that you will move endlessly towards your own horizon, no matter how many roads you must take there.”

I hear the phrase “What’s meant to be will be” so much, and I personally, really try to believe that when things don’t go my way. It’s kind of a hard pill to swallow to believe that everything in life is heading a certain way but to have the mental strength to trust your direction puts you onto an entirely different level of the way you value life. Are we right in believing that what’s meant to be will be? Or are we right in forcing Adjustment Bureau moments where we try to push away what’s meant for us?

Life is life and shits going to happen. Once you understand that you don’t have complete control over everything that happens within your life, the more freely you will live. I talk a lot about mental strength, and it’s taken me a few years to realise how mentally strong I am. Don’t get me wrong, I have days and weeks still to this day where I feel like I’m falling apart, but a chat and a cry with my closest friends always reminds me of how mentally powerful I am to myself and to my children. And let’s not forget, mountains do not rise without earthquakes, so I try to see my wobble as a positive- I needed an earthquake to realise I am more than Mount Snowden, I am fucking Everest.

I’ve read so many books about The Law of Attraction and what you give the Universe, the Universe will give you back. And to be honest, I do think having a completely positive outlook on life does affect you in a much more mentally fulfilling way than if you weren’t. So, what’s meant to be? Does fate ever step in? Are we meant to be in a certain job? Are we meant to be with a certain person? Are we meant to be living in a certain place? I think if you delve deep down, your heart knows the answers your head avoids. I have found that what’s meant to be, has always been. I may not know or understand the answers right this minute, but I know in my heart, that eventually, it’ll all make sense. I sometimes sit and wonder why I had children so young, why I never moved to Manchester, why I even act a certain way, and right now I can’t answer those questions but I know that in a few years, they will have answered themselves without even having to question. 

When something has happened to you that’s caused you to fall apart, or caused you pain, you have to trust, as hard as it may be and as many “what the fucks” you can shout, that it’s leading you to exactly where you are supposed to be. Hear me out, you know, we’ve probably felt hurt or pain like

this before, which lead us to a path we were enjoying again? So, it’s like, you have to keep going and going taking each path presented to you no matter the pain you feel, and simply trust that the next one is making you happier than the last, or presented to change you as a person. It may not feel right, in fact, it may not feel fucking anything at all, but strength is where you rebuild yourself and actually learn things about yourself, like what you don’t want, and you figure out this mystical strength to keep re-building and re-building, and your bricks eventually create a home safe enough for you to be you in.

People say, (a lot) that your life is mapped out for you. I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to understand that phrase when you’re pushed off the path, you’re on and enjoying. It’s hard to understand that whatever it was we were enjoying, wasn’t meant for us. Yes, when one door closes another one opens, and let’s be honest, that always happens – eventually. Unfortunately, many of us choose to keep ourselves on a certain path instead of moving to an opportunistic or more calming path presented. Even though you aren’t choosing, you know deep down what’s ultimately right for you, so don’t allow your emotions to overpower your intelligence.

Whether you’re on a journey of rebuilding yourself after falling apart, or whether you’re not entirely ready to let go of the path you’re on (but you know you shouldn’t be on it) then keep going. You are stronger than you think, and only you have complete power over your mind. Don’t let your mind have complete power over you, and trust, for just a second, that even if you don’t have the answers right now, everything will work out exactly the way it’s supposed to be.


Hols xxx 

Meet Hols, our resident writer and relatable AF sister.