The Year of the Woman

Does anybody else feel like 2018 has been a revolutionary time for the girls? I know we've had Beyonce telling us we run the world circa 2011, but I have really felt an overwhelming sense of empowerment this year. There have been so many moments of female activism from the #metoo campaign in 2017, to the #timesup campaign kicking off 2018, that global sisters have come together as one driving force, and how AMAZING is that! I don't know about you, but I get goosebumps when I remember why all Hollywood actresses wore black to the Golden Globes. That was a protest against sexual harassment and it makes me so proud to think women now have the confidence to not only find their voice but to use it loudly and clearly. You can't believe the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump are still classed as any sort of global citizen. Not remotely helpful for anything, except mockery. 
Now we know there is not an overnight fix for this tragedy. But my god we're doing pretty darn well. A man's job you say? I don't think so. Finally, women are out of that stereotypical kitchen and they are killing it. We have more women in science, economics, politics and the armed forces than ever before. I truly feel like standing up to men who are intimidated by a strong woman is the pinnacle of 2018. *By the way ladies*, is there anything more unattractive than a man intimidated by a woman because of her beliefs and her brain? If a man ever belittles you because he's scared of your ambition, smile and laugh at his uneducated ass. Anyway, the year of the woman is upon us, and we have started an incredible movement because we know there's a finishing line. It is still barbaric to think in 2018 we are still fighting for equality. We have fought for 100 years, we're not going to give up.  Thankfully the UK made a step in the right direction and made it a legal requirement for all large businesses (any with over 250 employees) to report the gender pay gap for their corporation. I won't bore you with the statistics, but if you get 5 minutes these reports are accessible, and I would encourage you to look into it. *cough* BBC.
Social platforms have really pushed the fight for women, haven't they? Instagram is basically a girls world right now. From pages, hashtags, re-posting inspirational female influencers and creating post discussions on self-love, how could you not feel a part of this movement! These platforms have made it so much easier to stay connected to your sisters across the pond. I don't know about you, but I have noticed much more crown fixing and less negativity this year more than ever. I follow some women who I haven't even met, but still love to write an encouraging, loving, you got this girl comment on her page. Because why not? If you think she's doing an awesome job, tell her. That one positive comment could impact her whole day. Let's not forget, the kinder we are and the more confidence we give other women means women feel stronger. Stronger in the mind, body and soul. Incredible things happen when women work together. 
At & Saunter we are really pro-woman. We love supporting women in achieving goals, standing up for themselves, embracing confidence and loving themselves. We love our girl gang community and we are inspired every day by so many incredible women around the world. We would love you to join our & Saunter family and be a part of something inspiring, encouraging and motivating. 
    And remember...
                                        O U R   V O I C E   I S   O U R   P O W E R. 
Image credit : 35mm by Gemma Cheyne