Meet Emma | Every Woman Campaign.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
Well I’m 28 and I guess in a tiny nutshell I’ve changed my entire life in the last couple of years and gone from working in finance to working in law. I’ve always been consistently curious in how people work, why they do what they do and how. Nearly always smiling and always trying to make sure that I am there for people and the ones that matter most to me. As long as I can remember I’ve either been referred to as ‘vivacious in character’ and always smiling. Can’t get enough of spontaneity as my motto is ‘do it for the story’; I stand by its how I’ve met some of the best people in the world to me. 
If I could give my teenage self some advice, I would tell her… 
Worry less because ultimately it doesn’t matter, but if it does matter then you will change it for the better. Try not to regret your mistakes but at least learn from them. Don’t worry if you make the same mistake twice... you’re only human.
Write a love letter to your least favourite part of your body. 
To my upper thighs, you keep me on my feet and your strong but you’ll always not be quite right to me unless you’re in a tight pair of skinny jeans. I’ll be content with you though... just never happy.
Biggest career lesson:
Always trust that gut instinct and always always believe in yourself. If it doesn’t work out for the best then you learn for next time; if you want to put your all in to everything then do it and ignore people that try to take away that strength. 
Best life advice:
‘Just chill’. I am massively prone to overthinking but I was once told that if you’re worrying about something before it’s happened then you put yourself through it twice, and it’s wasted energy. 
Try before you die:
Have a year of yes! Don’t be afraid to jump in the deep end because the stories and memories you’ll make will be the best ones yet.. and honestly a year of yes was the most refreshing thing I have ever, ever done.